Are the Phillies getting too White?

Does it matter what color your skin is when you produce as a baseball player? Not at all. But why? With The lineup sporting Ivory Soap from 1-9 with Nick Castellanos the only exception, let’s discuss. Sosa, Castellanos, Ranger Suarez, SerAnthony and Alvarado. Minus Segura and Eflin. That’s it folks! Who is calling the shots? Middleton, Dombrowski and Harper. Very White. Dombrowski takes marching orders but is color blind. The other two aren’t the most color blind(?). How can they change the view????? 1)Hoskins on trading block for pitcher 2) Sign Josh Bell to play 1B 3) Sign Rodon Then we are back to color blind. Let’s continue to evaluate performance with skin color. WE WIN and it’s moot. Maybe?

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