What the Phillies should do? HOT STOVE

It’s not what you think? I say pass on Trea Turner. Keep Stott and resign Segura. Why? Because Stott can play short very well. Hitting, He has a great strike zone. He is deliberate both in the field and at bat. Segura can still hit! He hits mad… angry. But more importantly he can hit the ball on the edge of the plate. Contrary to Trea Turner, Turner can’t hit the outside pitch. And the money we save will afford us the opportunity to sign: HOLD ON….. DeGrom or Rodon! Either addresses our most important need! STARTING PITCHING! And keep Thor as a starter or middle relief until his arm is fully healed. NOW, dealing with Rhys Hoskins. Trade him anywhere for relief pitching. And sign Josh Bell out of SD. Bell hits well and with power. Most importantly, Bell can field first base. So long Rhys. THATS MY STORY; AND I’M STICKING WITH IT!

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