Tom Brady is the QB GOAT, not GOAT DAD!

Consider this one, he made a long term deal with his wife. She changes the deal THREE TIMES for him. His wife raised their family and his son from another woman. After keeping his deal, forty days later, he broke the deal with his wife to retire. He went back to the NFL INSTEAD OF STAYING WITH HIS WIFE AND KIDS. Divorce ensued. Kids are shattered again. Trust me. No kid doesn’t think that 1) under 12, it’s their fault, 2) they try to take care of their parents, and 3) it will take years until they trust their parents. How do I know this? I lived it. Gisele started messing around with the karate guy. Bad first move. Kids don’t forget. Brady needs to use FaceTime every day and to never miss any kid events. And don’t start dating for a while. In terms of choosing to retire, give me a break. You are the GOAT. Period. You need another ring like you need another hole in your ass! You chose QB over Your kids! Remember Roger Staubach. He retired at the top of the QB game. Plenty of rings. And a great family with children to raise. The little things in childrens lives mean everything. Trust me. That doesn’t end for your entire life. Think about this Tom Brady. The greatest ring you’ll ever have are the smiles on your children’s faces.

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