What a RIDE!

Thanks Phillies! Disappointed? Yes. Proud? Yes! The Phillies were fighting to the end! And yes, we lost to a better team. One more starting pitcher, Castellanos and Stotter needing to hit, Hoskins needs infield practice, Astro pitching was stronger, All Astro hitters hit just a little better, and we got no hit! What can you say? We got beat. But what a ride! Harper HRS! Greatest HR in Phillies History! 6-2 comeback in St. Louis. Stifling the Braves! Beating up the Padres! Schwarb Bombs! Maaaaaaaan! It was a fun time. We were watching the Phillies well into November. When did we last do that. John Middleton get out the check book! We need some additions. And we’ll see you February 15th. Thanks Phillies!

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