Why Nola and Not Scherzer.

It is Game 7, for the Dodgers 2021. The Dodgers got Max Scherzer from the Nationals for exactly this moment. Max would mow them down and help The Dodgers win it all! There was only one problem. Max Scherzer couldn’t pitch. He was spent. He was hurt. He didn’t want to expose himself with a bad, big game so the other teams would come a calling for him with a boat load of money. Like The Mets. Circa 2022 October 7, Max Scherzer was to pitch Game 1 of the Wild Card round for The Mets. He gave up 4 home runs. Nuff Said. Circa 2022 Spring Training. Aaron Nola is getting his first start in The Grapefruit League. What happen? Actually he gave up a home run. And, in the next nine games he started, Nola would give up a gopher ball to at least one hitter. Misery. And by September 2022, Aaron Nola realized that he could not just set up hitters for his fastball. Especially, at this point in the season. So in an act of brilliance, coaching or my thought is, that his catcher JT Realmuto convinced him. And so it went… As he faced free agency, he wanted to prove that he could win baseball games on the mound. Big Cash when you can win games in September and October for a team trying to win a World Series Championship! So he kept his pitches low and threw off speed pitches to win using his fastball as window dressing. And who did this? NOT MAX SCHERZER! IT WAS AARON NOLA! And the Phillies moved on….

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