ESPN will stretch from Boston College to Oregon with a huge swath of teams in between under the guise of conference names that don’t appl anymore. Also, ND will stay independent until Our Lord returns! Amen! Why? Because the money will be outrageous. ND, SEC, ACC, B12, and the PAC12 will dominate the the college football world, the tvs, the ratings, Gameday, Catholics to Convicts and all Mormons & Utes in between. Apple, Nike under the ESPN UMBRELLA will max out every channel that they need content for to broadcast and $$$. The Big 10 should have never made those Anti-Catholic statements from Fielding Yost to Gordon Gee. Jim Swofford’s BRILLIANT Grant of Rights contract until 2036 SAVED AND ESTABLISHED THE ACC for a very very long time to come. Also friends, “Hail, Hail to Old Notre Dame!”

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