1. ND joins… Nuff said. They join ACC it’s all over and they’re sitting pretty.
  2. Can you say The NIKE Pac16 Conference? The ESPN ACC 16? The Apple Big16?
  3. If ACC FSU, Clemson, Miami and UNC join SEC, they will disappear to the middle of the pack and not get a chance at any playoff. PLUS THEY PAY ACC ALL NEW REVENUE FROM THEIR NEW COFERENCE FOR 2 YEARS: SEC = $100,000,000 EACH
  4. With more money, you land the #1 5star WR and you’re former #2 5star WR who is now #3….HEADS FOR THE PORTAL TO SHOW The NFL he can play.
  5. The Portal will now always allow Indiana to add enough talent to disrupt W and Ls.
  6. Is there really more money? Lower attendance, higher entertainment prices, how many new eyes are there?
  7. What will the USSC decide, Are huge Media Rights agreements to limit school movement? Can 2 conferences include only 48 teams out of 117, and NOT interfer with interstate commerce and anti trust % of market share?
  8. If and when ND Makes the College Football Playoff as a member or partial football member, ND KEEPS ALL THE MONEY FOR PLAYING IN THE PLAYOFF. No ACC Shares.
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