Phillies Lineup post Girardi

Let’s break it down. FIRST 1) Schwarber ain’t stealing 90 bases. How about 4. But he’s gonna hit with power and put up numbers. Definitely 30 / 70rbi. Also, 8 & 9 will be another old school 1-2 hitters setting the table with Schwarber. It works well. NEXT 2) with Hoskins, Harper, Castellanos, Realmuto, Bohm and Segura – Who cares who hits 2 thru 7. These guys are gonna slug! Post no support Girardi, these guys will thrive! Big bats, good eyes and smart base running. Can’t miss! FINALLY, 3) 8 & 9, These spots are struggling with the occasional power at bat. As I look at free agency in 2023, there will be great SS options! GREAT SS OPTIONS! With Odubel (1.5 M), Vierling (lucky to have a job) Stott, Bohm and Hoskins stuck in rookie type contracts, the Phillies can get the great SS! The real question is should the Phillies get the stud Pitcher to go along with Wheeler instead? I say yes! We have enough punch in the lineup. We need to win 7-1; not 7-6! So let’s keep riding Thomson at Manager supporting our guys and maybe we grab a Wildcard spot this year. We started pounding the ball too late; Girardi’s fault(?)

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