Why NOT Kris Bryant.

He’s a good player. But $18.5M a year? That’s not Harper money. And for a good reason. He’s not as good as Harper. Bryant played in Chicago Cub Land, and he didn’t hit 50hrs a year nor did he drive in 120 runs. And he had the wind with him. Now he’s in Colorado and that air will help his numbers significantly. But so would leftfield in Citizen’s Bank Park. His versatility to play DH, LF, 3B, and 1B is why the Phils wanted him. In fact, if Bohm comes up small, we need a 30/100 guy at 3rd or the outfield. Oh the days of “Pat The Bat!” Phils still need a left fielder as Spring Training starts. And a starter, maybe a 3rd basemen, etc, etc, etc, and so forth. Schwarber will be a great addition. But the Phils are still a bit thin. 🙄

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