Sixers won the trade, hands down! Disagree? Did you see the last two games? Pllllleeeeeaaaassseee! Steven A eating some crow…. Again! The middle has opened like the Red Sea. Jojo said he was thrown off by all the open space. After the double teams, he said it all. Maxey is headed to the All Star game. Runnin and gunnin! He has the slashing to the basket sown up. The Beard, well, he is unguardable. He hits the step back three like One of the greatest players of all time. Kudos to Wilt. Two things we need. I believe that Steven Adams is a buyout candidate. He’s perfect in the paint. JJ Reddick can still shoot. Bingo! He’s lights out. If Toby and Danny Green can’t hit high percentages; it’s JJ’s position to lose. This could have been all avoidable if Jimmy Butler was not let go. People lost jobs on that one. Nuff said. I see a beautiful day in June with the Streets of Philadelphia filled to the brim… Again! Fear the Beard.

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