Why did Brian Flores sue THE NFL?

Let’s be honest, it’s called the “Rooney Rule”. The Steelers hired Mike Tomlin. He wins a Super Bowl and has the Steelers in the playoff hunt every year. It WORKS! The NFL rewards. Ask Seattle…. 😳 We have had other Black HCs in NFL History. (20 total ~) Edwards, Crennel, Singletary, Jackson, Lynn, Dungy, Pollard, Frazier, Green, Wilks, Bowles, Morris, Caldwell, Lewis, Rhodes, Smith, Shell, Flores, Saleh, forgive me for forgetting anyone. THAT’s IT?! Today, there is only ONE. 69% OF NFL PLAYERS ARE “OF COLOR”, 35% OF ASST COACHES. Job security? Why would NFL TEAMS NOT HIRE BLACK HEAD COACHES? Here goes: 1) NFL team adminstrations are predominantly White Rich Guys and maybe hooded bastards. No cultural understanding. Have you ever seen Jeff Lurie dance in the locker room with his players? At least he’s trying. But everyone involved has BRAINS. No color required there. 2) There are many Black players in the league (69%). QBs included. This scares NFL administrations because will the players respond to a coach who is racially aligned and appreciative of players positions… Black or WHITE. 3) it’s basically ALL RACISM because Rich White Guys from a different Era just don’t believe Black HCs “have the necessities” to win (Dodgers’ Al Campanis). COMPLETELY a BIAS. It has been proven to be false. There is no basis to uphold Racist Hiring Practices in a sport that is not as difficult and complicated as it is portrayed to be. Great players making great plays. It is not rocket science, but it is RACIST!

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