The Simmons Tragedy explained….

It all began with that little “Tart” from Cali. The narcissism was palpable. The introduction and chat with Majic was inevitable. But the backlash was harsh! Majic paid the highest price with being shown the curb by the NBA and The Lakers. People were pissed. And vengeance was to remain cold in the fridge. So Ben Simmons dropped the “Tart”, bought a mansion on the Left Coast in LA and we didn’t hear from Majic again. But didn’t we? Somehow it started with the idea that Ben Simmons is not told what to do. And don’t tell him to shoot 3s. Majic didn’t shoot….. then in the clutch, Ben forgot how to make foul shots. He ran the floor, made layups, distributed the ball and made the All Star team. Sounds like Majic….(?) so as the Sixers fell hard last year to the Hawks. It was an epic collapse as 20 point leads evaporated like a spring snow. But why? Because Ben won’t shoot 3s when asked to do it by Brett Brown or Doc? Or maybe Majic opened the fridge and told Ben he didn’t have to do it. Why? Because LA is Ben’s lady of choice. And in the end, borrowing from Frank Sinatra and The Tart, Ben doesn’t ever plan to kiss his baby bye bye!

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