Phils can budget before breaking Luxury Tax

Brad Miller, Corey Dickerson and Kyle Schwerber. These are cheap on salary, great with hustle, all can hit and play multiple positions, and they’ve proven it. All three are great clubhouse and team guys. BRING OUT THE BAMBOO! Brad Miller. Remember how Franzen hustled his way into a manager’s dream player? Same guy with HR Power. Miller will battle until the end. Re-sign him and play him anywhere! 1B, OF, 2B, Pitch, Catch and PH…. And let’s not forget that DH coming to National League. Corey Dickerson. Face it. If we kept him, CF would never have been an issue. And he can play 1B,PH and DH! The kid can field and hit. Also he’s a great clubhouse guy! Another hustler. Schwerber. He’ll be to the NL what Edgar Martinez DH meant to the AL. Schwerber can also play a little OF… let’s not push it. And 1B. His ability to hit HRs is the key for him. So we start him in Left. Personally, I re-sign Cutch for small base and incentive laden contract which can earn him an extension in years which is what I think he’s angling for with Phils. Sooooooo we fill in the gaps on the CHEAP. We violate the luxury tax for one thing only…. A STARTER! Wheeler, A STARTER, Nola, Gibson and Suarez. A mean ass pitcher with ADHD ISSUES who will shit nails and piss vinegar! I’m talking a “Papelbon” STARTER. Somebody’s wretched refuse from their teeming shores…

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