Minshew or Hurts?

It’s Minshew for now. And I am in full agreement. It’s Minshew Mania! 🦅 until Hurts is Healthy! Fear the Stache…. Talent wise, they are even. Leadership numbers, they are even. Numbers wise, they are even. BUT THE UPSIDE FOR HURTS IS THAT HE MAY SHORTLY BECOME GREAT! AND HE RUNS SLIGHTLY BETTER THAN MINSHEW. Personally, I like them both. Different demeanors, that I love. I think with a few additions: Draft CB, LB, DL and Free Agent sign a WR (Alshon). With those additions, Hurts will do more for the Birds. GOD BLESS GARDNER MINSHEW II ! AND FEAR THE STACHE…. For a while!

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