Bryant, Schwarber and Knebel…. And a lockout!

Brethren, the Phillies haven’t done sh&t so far in free agency which comes to a halt very very soon as the Owner’s Lockout begins. My God, didn’t these jacka$$ learn the last time? Of course, in 1993, the Phillies were NL Champs for two years 93 & strike season 1994. To look at Correa and Seager getting as much money… $300,000,000 contracts that is comparable to Bryce Harper MV3?! NO WAY! God Bless you Dave Dombrowski. I would pay $100,000,000 for Correa and Seager. For me, give me the three in my title. Versatility, The coming NL DH and a fresh arm. Spell it Schwarber OF, 1B and DH, Bryant CF, OF, 3rd and 1B and a pitcher. But what is the price?

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