5 Reasons for Eagles to draft Kenny Pickett QB from Pitt.

Number 1: Pickett has a strong arm that can zip it short on a dime and he can throw it deep (50 plus yards!) with great touch. Number 2: Pickett is a 6 year playing FBS QB, and A 5 year starter at Pitt. That kind of experience counts on Draft Day and beyond.. Number 3: Pickett learned a Pro style drop back Offense in addition to an RPO Offense. Mark Whipple was his OC at Pitt. Whipple also coached Big Ben with the Steelers. Pickett can walk right in and play QB in NFL if not be a star. Number 4: Pickett reads his pocket collapsing very well. He scrambles with the sticks in mind. He also has more speed than Jalen Hurts does on the field of play and that surprised me. Number 5: Howie Roseman drove to Pittsburgh this last Thursday night with his binoculars to watch Pickett (He probably flew). That tells you one thing. Pickett is smart with High Football IQ. Think Howie. Drafts. Brain Surgeons over Dumbies or Head Breakers. Pickett is definitely on the Eagles Draft board. AND …… WE shall see on Draft Day!

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