Why do you hire a FB Head Coach who…..?

Doesn’t know how to create game plans or call plays? You don’t. Unless that’s the Coach you want? As smart as The Luries and Howie were working with HC Doug Pederson to deliver the 2017 Super Bowl, may be exactly why they wanted a more “docile” and “less hands on” Head Football Coach for their Philadelphia Eagles… Nick Siriani is a good and knowledgeable football coach. He called plays under Frank Reich in Indianapolis last year 2020. And yet with the highest praise from Reich, the former Eagles coach who was the “Pederson whisperer” in 2017, a strong back ground with calling plays and creating game plans, Nick Siriani becomes the Eagles head coach yet doesn’t seem to have game plans for his first three games nor does he have the ability to simply call effective plays(?) Why? Because Jeff Lurie owns the team and literally insisted on choosing Jalen Hurts as the future QB of the Eagles. Julian Lurie, Jeff Lurie’s son, is the Head of the Eagles Football Data Analytics Department (Like Baseball Analytics but on steroids!) and Howie “J.J.” Roseman who picks the game day roster for all Eagles games. So, tell me now Eagles fans…. Why do you hire a Football HC who Doesn’t know how to create game plans or call plays?

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