Phillies are what Jalen Hurts said about flushing #2

Let’s face it. We aren’t there yet. It’s like 2006. We are on the cusp of a run. Let’s break it down: 1) WE need another stud pitcher. A pitcher who is even better than Wheeler. Preferably a right hander. 2) “A Third baseman for a horse” like Richard proclaimed in desperation WE do the same now! I really though Bohm was Jayson Werth reincarnated with a sure fielding mitt. So much for that. So what in the name of Cody Asche do WE do now??? I’m for giving Bohm another shot. Or WE sign Chris Bryant for 4 years. 🙄 3) So long Odubel. WE appreciated it. But now we need (2) outfielders. Maybe WE platoon something like Milt & Inky in Left and go after Reynolds (Pirates) for CF. 4) REHABILITATE THE BULLPEN. Nuff said. This is on Dombrowski. It’s his arse to do it. And Inghink he can. I just don’t want to see Bradley, Neris and Alvarado ever again. 33 blown saves this year. Win half of those and WE would all have been drinking champagne two weeks ago.🙄 That’s all folks! And throw

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