In pursuit of a Super Bowl Championship, we have waded thru Hoying, Kolb, Brister, Goebel, Peete, Wentz and Kenny O’Brien! And then there was Nick Foles. Amen. But yesterday, barring a travesty, Jalen Hurts is all that and 10,000 bags of chips! JALEN HURTS has that grounded confidence and quiet arrogance coupled with respect for his QB position and The Game. He sneers at his competition. Wentz, Flacco and Minshew are good QBs, but Hurts spits on the ground when the competition starts on the field. Yesterday in Hotlanta, he showed his brains and brawn. And the touch on that pass to Devonta for six sealed the deal. Jalen Hurts started the 2021 NFL Season with a 126 plus QB Rating! Fly Eagles Fly 🦅🦅🦅

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