STOP!!! Ben Simmons does NOT have to score!

At the end of his career, Wilt Chamberlain didn’t score in the 1970’s. He defended Kareem, Willis Reed, Wes Unseld… He blocked shots, He distributed the ball, He NEVER made his foul shots… And He won a championship in LA. From this post to God’s ears! May that continue to be Ben Simmons… NBA All Star 2020-21. Last night, The Wonder from Down Under had 18 points – 11 in the 3rd Qtr, 7, 8. Assists and Rebounds. I can hear Mikey yelling… Cut him! And Korkmaz too (nailed 3 pointers v. Hawks)! STOP IT! All Ben Simmons did was cover Trae Young until the young man was talking to himself and missing three pointers. He wasn’t the Game 1 phenom who took Danny Green to the cleaners. He was not beating the Sixers. Ben Simmons was winning games 2 & 3 by stopping the best scoring threat the Hawks have. Sounds like the only guy I ever witnessed who blocked a Kareem Jabbar hook shot. Wilton Norman Chamberlain. It’s Winning NOT scoring Mikey.

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