If God doesn’t love Odubel Herrera…

Then nobody does! It is a miracle Odubel is in the MLB. Let’s reflect. He couldn’t hit his weight in Spring Training. He was demoted to LV with a $10,000,000 salary. One year left and he’s into oblivion. Then it started. God Bless Adam Haseley wherever he is safely ensconced. JetPax can’t play well enough. Moniak is not ready. Quinn is hurt… again🙄. As the Red Sea opens for Odubel, his penance has him playing centerfield, with errors but he is hitting HRs and batting .222. Mario Mendoza is smiling. And Odubel is an angelic blessed man. May he hit a game winning HR in WS Game 7 and parade off into the sunset…. with a Nick Foles inspired statue outside Citizen’s Bank Park… 🙏

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