Flyers Bottom Line: Voracek & Giroux aren’t that good

Say Crosby & Malkin, Stanley Cups. But you can’t say that about “G” and Jake. Why? 1) to start, they do not back check. It’s obvious as you always see Giroux or Jake following the play as our goalie is removing the puck from the net. 2) they never can play hard for the entire game. They coast. They disappear. We lose. 3) they just aren’t that talented. Use the shoot outs as example. We are abysmal. And “G” and Jake are the worst. The lack of Cups is proof that Ownership… including Big Ed rip, GMs, Coaches and ON ICE LEADERS failed. Crosby made himself great. Malkin is great. We can’t say that “G” and VORACEK are feared around the NHL. Bergeron is. Ovechkin is. Crosby & Malkin can put anyone on the other wing and turn them into a star. Sorry Brethren. It’s “G” and Voracek.

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