The New Strike Zone to….

After the first few games of the MLB season, it is starting to look like the strike zone has extended in, out, up and down. The curve ball gets called a ball when it’s low, and the corner is now both black and dirt brown. Why? Why would MLB do this? Same old jackass reason … to speed the games up. Like we enjoy spending more on tickets to watch less of a game?! Stop serving food in the 4th inning. Oh, by the way, shorten the season. Why? Because baseball takes to long. PLLLEEASE! Baseball is supposed to be a picnic with even a squirrel running in the outfield can make us enjoy ourselves. I watched Andrew McCutchen almost have a breakdown as home plate umps missed constantly as the strike zone expanded. And for what? More strikeouts? 🙄 Enough! We’re gonna have to watch the data roll in before we crucify the umps. But I smell a rat. Is it a Manfred? 🤬

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