He did not win the spring training battle. He may have been the winner in some people’s eyes. Mine. But Haseley came back very strong in the last spring training game. Did Haseley play hurt? You tell me. He has a ham string injury in game one versus the Braves. Now that wouldn’t be a real issue. Put him on IR and bring up Odubel from LV and the trio of Quinn, Joyce and Herrara can carry the weight. BUT NOT THE PHILLIES. They don’t want Odubel anywhere neeeear Citizens Bank! The Phils are keeping Haseley up. Coming off a serious one month injury in Clearwater and then a reinjury after only two games? The Phillies blew it all by hating Odubel Herrara so much that they couldn’t see straight! Why not bring up a pitcher from Allentown? Smart move, but pleeeeeeeease Put Haseley on the DL! But HERRARA HATE IS sooooo profound that the Phillies may in fact ruin the entire year for Haseley and guess who may be in Philly soon anyhow? ODUBEL HERRARA! Arribe Odubel!

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