A CF platoon!

Personally, I wanted Moniak. He’s all that and a bag of chips! Truly a Star to be. But in the Free Agent screw job by owners, he’ll be in AAA. Refer to Makail Franco and Chris Bryant. So for a year, it’s all about Odubel’s money, Quinn’s fragility and Haseley’s potential. They bring so many different skills and reasons to play and not to play. Casey Stengel was mister platoon in the 1950’s and Jim Fregosi did it well in 1993. If gets the best from players and gives them that little extra rest that every player needs when October Playoffs come around. PLAYOFFS! PLAYOFFS! Yes, it’s gonna happen. The hottest CF gets the most time on the field. And maybe late in the year we get that stud pitcher for one of these damn good ball players to seal the deal. I’m not debating their flaws. Personally or professionally. I’m a Moniak man. But until then, let Girardi pull the strings. He blows it… well… Let’s play ball!

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