The Tie that just might win the NFC East

Brethren, the NFC East sucks. We know. But on that day when Dougie P. went for the tie against the Bungles, the Delaware Valley wanted him dead. Blasted on WIP and The FANATIC, the noose was hung on Billy Penn’s hat at City Hall. Ohhhhhh Doug Pederson looked like a dead man walking at 1-2-1. This is all about that last 1…. Take us to late December. Jumbled up with other 6 or 7 win Washington, Cow Girls, giants, let’s look at the NFC East standings. The second place team in the NFC East is at 7-9 at best…. but our high flying birds 🦅 Will be Top of the East with a 7-8-1 record and The NFC CHAMPIONS AGAIN! And Dougie P. He’s a genius for going for the tie. Bank it now. 😉🦅👍

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