What if Catchers didn’t wear masks….

In the spirit of idiocy projected by the mouth and bile of our fearless leader, let’s look back to 1876 Baseball. Did Abner Doubleday wear a mask?

Catcher…. wearing mask/ Elysian Field… Hoboken, NJ. 1876.

Now we are safe to say that the Catcher was PROTECTING HIMSELF WITH A MASK as far back as 1876. WHY? Because he would have had his head taken off with any foul ball. I was once clipped with a foul ball while catching as a 10-11 year old Knee Hi Baseball all star! I was messing around with no mask on and it wasn’t pretty. I woke up in the hospital. One eye bandaged. Beautiful shiner. Almost lost the eye. Many have said that the foul ball clipping me is the reason for a great many things that I did in my life. I am in full agreement with them all. I could be fine…. today…. IF I JUST WORE THE DAMN MASK. 🤣⚾️

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