Phillies Answer

Folks, it’s pitching and fielding. If the other guy doesn’t score, and you sneak a run home, you win. Nuff said. For the Phillies, Wheeler, Nola and TREVOR BAUER. And catching… JT REALMUTO. Period. We have Arrieta at 7.5 M. Eflin & Velazquez. Big V is a great bullpen fit. The rest of the bullpen…. BYE FELICIA! I am serious. Build a bullpen by finding old veteran starters trying to hold on to their spot in the show. He’s hungry and will give you a great presence with the staff. Unfortunately, we can’t afford DiDi. He was damn good. But the money won’t be there. It’s Bohm, Segura, Kingery and Hoskins. OF: Harper, Cutch, Quinn, Haseley, Garlick, Bruce, etc! THERE ARE PLENTY OF RUNS THERE WITH Bauer, Nola, Wheeler, Arrieta, Eflin / Howard on top. Can a Gio Gonzalez give you one inning? You’re damn right he can. Think how the Billy Beane A’s put a bullpen together. Wiley Veteran Pitchers are a bullpen! Bank it at the Bank!

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