Can you trade for an MLB GM?

I remember when C Manny Sanguillen was traded to Oakland for Manager Chuck Tanner. The Pirates were genius! And then they got Manny back in 1979 to win the World Series! Ask the Buccos. That was a looooong time ago. But riddle me this Batman. How about this one. Anyone in the Phillies Bullpen for Theo Epstein! Hear me out. Theo wants out. That’s his MO. He wins and then he moves on to the next challenge. The Cubs have him under contract for 2021. Then he’s gone to the highest bidder which may be the Angels or Dodgers for Gazillions! But not if we give the Cubs Hector Neris! Can you imagine the HR blasts out of Wrigley? WOW! We can only hope The PHILS are hitting them with Theo Epstein as our GM and winning the World Series! Never know….

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