Alshon to Lurie to Wentz…

It has become quite apparent to me that Alshon Jeffrey’s opinions found in the Inquirer/Daily News is the impetus for the Wentz Removal. That’s right. The Wentz Removal. Follow me in Dreamland…. Alshon Jeffrey’s words about Carson Wentz also became a meeting with Jazzy Jeff. Jeff Lurie in his recent comments is a Strong Civil Rights Supporter in our country. And God Bless him for it. With Alshon’s knowledge, Lurie met with Doug and Howie, and the drafting of Jalen Hurts became a 2nd Round Reality. Doug and Howie are a bit miffed at Carson… to say the least! The Primadonna wears 11. After the first two games / game plans, the Fix is absolutely “in” to make Wentz look bad and find him the door. A package deal of Wentz & Ertz? Looks good for 2(1s) and 2(2s) The plan is simple and yet profound. To the AFC West… Dreams are made of this. And I like dreamin… 🙃

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