Brethren, he’s a player. Well, he’s a hitter. Fielding is a question mark. But if the NL keeps the DH, we have Bohm and Hoskins, and the catching two to flip in and out. Then put Jay Bruce in at DH and we have the stuff to rattle in 5 or 6 runs a game like this year. Of course, getting someone to get the other team out after the 6th to the ninth is another question. Heck, we have trouble holding leads when the starter goes thru 6 and it’s a 7 inning doubleheader! But that’s another time and another post! This one is Alec Bohm time. Let’s look at his “p:$$ and vinegar” way he comes up to bat. He reminds me of Jayson Worth but not as sociopathic in his pursuit of HRs etc. Our guy Bohm will knock in a game winner with a single just as easy as he’ll look for a HR. He’s got moxy up at the plate looking for good pitches, and right now for me I want Bohm, Hoskins, JT and DiDi in the 2-3-4-5 spots. (P.S. I think Harper is gutting our an injury). Alec Bohm… 3B, DH or 1B. Nice problem to have Joe! https://www.inquirer.com/newsletters/phillies/phillies-alec-bohm-rookie-of-the-year-bullpen-meltdown-zack-wheeler-injury-20200911.html

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