The dilemma of the Phillies 9 hole hitter

Odubel Herrera is making around $10,000,000 this year and again in 2021. He’s not better than Quinn? Haseley? Although I like Haseley’s potential, Odubel is better by at least 8 HRs. Quinn? I remember when Odubel couldn’t field after being moved to CF from 2B. But Quinn and Jet Packs are lost in the .150 s somewhere. Gosselin is a good ballplayer. But folks, why waste the $12,000,000. Odubel has paid his penalty. Just because racist Mike Schmidt can’t talk to him doesn’t mean a free swinging Odubel isn’t better in the 9 hole than what the Phils have now.Redemption! It’s America! And really… why waste the $12M…

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