Who are these guys?

French Pastry = Flyers? Never. But as this Round Robin 2020 NHL Playoff begins, These Philadelphia Flyers look like the Montreal Canadians of Guy LaFleur and Yvan Cournoyer! They skate, they have mad skills and the speeeeeed!!! Every Flyer mounts a charge with great passing and puck control. The offense forces the puck up the ice always. The defensemen look to score with skill! And of course…. as Flyers… they hit!The Pens got buckshot. The Bruins got mauled. And the Caps are being popped 2-0 so far. I’m not saying that the Flyers will win the Cup… but … they’re gonna be there to tangle for it. The Flyers have never played like this offensively or defensively. Lavy let the team open up a little back during his reign. But this Flyer team aren’t your grandfather’s Broad Street Bullies!

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