Will We go back?

Gotta put it on the line. I’m staying on my couch. Oh, back in the day IT was MY LIFE! To tailgate, get snookered, and fight in the stands. I lived it. I loved it. And I couldn’t give a hoot about the nuances of the games. I was at The Stadium. Liquored up! Looking for Cowboy Fans. It wasn’t pretty. Today, in the new age of coronavirus with no vaccine..FAGETABOUTIT! Folks, reality sets in when your body starts to go on strike every season. 55 may save lives, but it hurts everywhere and all the time. My joint and vertebra be damn! But they’ve won. 😔 The future of sitting next to a drunken DALLAS jack and burying him is but a memory. Virus or not. I ain’t going back in the stands. Even baseball is a hostile environment these days. I’m eating a hot dog from a virus infested hump from 10th and Tasker? Not on your life.

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