Wilt… Nuff said

The Pardon The Interruption crew today listed every NBA Star except Wilt and then said, “Michael Jordan was better than all of them.” They included Kareem. But not Wilt. They mentioned Bill Russell. But not Wilt. Why? Because Michael Jordan can’t carry Wilt’s jock strap. Michael Jordan is one of the greatest NBA players of all time. He has atleast 10 or 12 50 point games. Wilt has a 50 point a game… season. They didn’t count blocked shots when Wilt played most of his career. Otherwise he would have had 20,000 or so. Or women… whatever. And in closing, when Wilt Norman Chamberlain joined the NBA after his junior year at Kansas at the ripe old age of 22… the NBA changed 4 rules to hold him down. One rule was to hurt Wilt’s scoring. You see Wilt couldn’t make foul shots. The rule prevented Wilt from getting a running start at the top of the key and then DUNKING his foul shots… Nuff said.

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