Will the NBA destroy NCAA Basketball

Just having to write “basketball” after NCAA illustrates the precarious future for NCAA… hoops. Carmelo, Lebron, Moses, these names were few and far between as NBA Stars right out of high school. But now as basketball is a worldwide business with professional hoops played everywhere and the NBA “G” or “D” League widening its reach for young talent, will NCAA “Basketball” be worth watching anymore? Will talent in high school academies and AAU be a better pool of talent and more enjoyable to watch compared to a Duke v UNC game? The tide may be turning… but the money bonuses and sneaker deals will rule the roost! College coaches? Do they matter anymore? https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/basketball/ny-nba-g-league-ncaa-jalen-green-draft-high-school-preps-20200416-hegordh5ljduvbdskh6do3jqqm-story.html

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