Kapler’s Clan

Miller, Rodriguez, Quinn, Kingery, Haseley, etc. ARE NOT GOING TO WIN YOU A WORLD SERIES EVER.

In the petty world of a poor manager’s mind, he wants to bring up fair minor leaguers to show a player up. Kapler did that to Franco. Franco wins the game; gets benched… Kapler Logic. Kapler explains what he does like he is explaining quantum physics. He addresses the entire team about hustle. He should have handled it individually with Franco. The game is now Strikeouts and Home Runs. It’s not small ball with average minor leaguers.

It is obvious that the pitching starters and bullpen give him little respect for his “Harry High School” antics. They make facial expressions as they walk off the mound. He misuses the pitchers and WE all know it.

Treat them like men. Get a relationship with them. Fire your coaches. You’re all Bush league.

Everyone is overjoyed last night! Oh boy, Harper hit a double to win the game. The Kapler Clan rejoiced on the field….. give me a break.

Best thing about last night was Neris’ knockdown pitch.

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