TJ is a Pacer

Let’s be honest. At 3.5 plus Million a year, he got a great deal from the Pacers. But even as the 15th man and third string point guard, you know on one of those nights when every starter and star wants to go home to bed, and The Sixers can’t put The Knicks away – TJ McConnell will hustle his bun off and steal you a win at The Garden.

He’s Charlie Hustle out there. He’s “Set Shot” from The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh! He’s the kid in Hoosiers who hits the foul shot to win the game. He’s the gym rat that you just can’t stop.

And on that night, we’ll all say to ourselves, “Damn! I wish we had McConnell to pull this one out!”

Best of Luck TJ! You’re an NBA Player – multi millionaire from Pittsburgh!

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