SIXERS: Who’s gonna shoot?!

The Jimmy Butler trade is more s get rid of him than a trade. He was Brett Brown’s nemesis, and for some reason, the Sixers chose Brown. But let’s face it, he ain’t Larry Brown or even Doug Moe. As for a locker room distraction, Jimmy Butler rode the youngsters hard. Well, isn’t it time?

This leads us to the point of this article. Who’s gonna shoot? Toby Harris is going to be paid 20-30M a year more than Jimmy Butler with their respective teams. But is Toby Harris enough of a shooter to be the only true rifle from 3? Is Al Horford? NO Is Mike Scott? NO… TJ??!

This is setting up the scenarios that Ben Simmons will be shooting jumpers next year. The only person to stop shooting that I know is me. At 5’4″ in high school, passing to the big guys was my ticket. And hit my fouls. But trust me, I ain’t no Ben Simmons. He needs to be the shooter that we know he can. Laughably, I could shoot from the foul line. Unguarded! 🤣😂🤣

Ben Simmons must light it up guarded. Like Walt Frazier used to drain foul line jumpers in his prime. It’s Ben’s prime and time!

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