Mikey looks to be the straw that stirs the drink!

I call him Maikel. It’s like “Vinny” Prospal. It never quite made it. It’s all racist bull shit branding, but that’s a tirade for another time.

In the 7-8-9 spots the Phillies needed to thrive. They didn’t. And we headed to the basement. But when Maikel, Cesar and Obudel were 7-9, the team was scorching with runs. But fate intervened. Now Maikel and Cesar are back. One more piece to the puzzle left to go.

But Lord knows that the relief pitching is HURT! Why are they all hurt with the same injuries? Conditioning? Overuse? It’s a damn disease this Tommy John. Always a Dodger in 1977-78 to me…. 🤬

The real problem is the pitching. “Boom Boom” Arrieta three some long flys yesterday and it’s seems we’re getting whiplash every time a starter withers.

But “MAIKEL” is back! And with glove, bat and boyish enthusiasm, so are the Phils for 2 games!

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