Second Place…o

$330,000,000 ago, I sat in rightfield on opening day as Bryce Harper bowed to us, Cutch was launching missiles and the pitching looked… well….

Now after a brief stay above the terrible NL East, the injury riddled Phillies are in second place behind The Braves. One game does not make a pennant race, but with good uninjured pitching, and uninjured hitting, WE could be cruising into the All Star Break with a healthy if not an insurmountable lead.

The pitching staff is shot. Yet there is still enough to with the division. That’s called “loaded” if the health record weren’t so abysmal. All these arms go bad at the same time? Somebody better check the Ben Gay in that clubhouse! There is a trend here. And it needs a look.

Players are hurt / one is suspended. While Odubel wasnt playing well, the team looks to be fighting injuries all over. Franco reeeeeally cooled off. It is my opinion Hoskins and Harper are playing thru injuries. Nothing here to prove it, but it looks like it. But truly, after watching poor Haseley go down with a quick injury after his debut, I gotta say it must be the Philly Wooooutter.

I recall 1979. Pete Rose was a Phillie, yet we landed in 4th place with injuries everywhere. Pete hit .330. Danny Ozark was gone, and a guy named Dallas Green was in the dugout. WE can only pray that’s 2020 – 40 years after the first WS Championship in 1980….

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