Phils not ready for primetime… at the moment

Remember back to 2009. The Phillies lost every game to the Dodgers during the regular season. Come playoffs. WE smacked the Doodgers in 5. A smack down. It’s on the table again.

The bats are there for the Phillies. I’m thinking Harper is playing a little hurt right now. As McCutchen & Harper / Realmuto go – and 7 (Odubel) & 9 (Franco), so go the run scoring. Bruce in Odubel’s spot will provide runs. Kingery in Franco’s spot will not. I hope Kingery gets better soon, but right now I’m seeing Cody Asche not Chase Utley. Segura is a machine! Could be one of the greatest trade steals in Phillies History.

As for the pitching, Kapler is the problem. He’s Billy Martin & Art Fowler – Let’s ruin every pitcher who comes our way!

Hey Gabe the tinker! Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Two 12-15 win starters will win a pennant.

Bur dead arms in the bullpen won’t. Max out these pitchers at 15-20 pitches. Save their arms. If you’re calling the game from the bench stop! If Realmuto is calling the game, stop! The pitch strategies are too easy to read. You need a Johnny Podres type on the bench calling games “old school”. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel.

Finally, MADISON BUMGARNER. Nuff said.

Nola, Arrieta, MadBum & (Pivetta, Eflin or Eickhoff).

And you have messed up Velazquez since opening day Strikeout Phenom to Reliever. Stopper or Setup man? He can do either. And he may be a star! Think low pitch count. And get a professional in the clubhouse to nurse these arms. Maybe the agents and players won’t let you touch their arms, but you can sure as in Hell try!

MADBUM HATES LA! He still beats them regularly. His attitude is to eat your heart on the mound. Nothing better in a pitcher’s attitude than that!

Go Phils!

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