Drake and other fools parading at NBA games / It’s time to re-establish the “invisible line”.

I sat next to a great Sixers fan about three rows back at this year’s Sixers v Warriors game at WF Center. He was hilarious, and he was razzing Curry & Durant and Warrior Fans in the vicinity. It was all in fun and nobody heard him on the court. And he did not jump around and interfer with the game nor the players. And that is the way it should be. The “Invisible Line”.

Back in the later 1970’s and early 1980’s at the Spectrum, there was a crazed group of three sixer fans that sat on the floor at center court. They were “coked” out of their minds! Rooting for the Sixers during the 1980’s Playoff runs, they were like clowns at the circus. Much like Drake is today. The game ball once came their way diring a play, and they all became petrified to even touch it! The “invisible line” between the fans and NBA players would not be breached.

Drake – act like a man and not an over sugared child. Too much cotton candy isn’t good for anybody. If not, Commissioner Silver… toss him out of his seats.

If Drake would have tried this with Wilt, The Dipper would have tossed him into the fifth row. Enough is enough.

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