SPRING BREAK OVER! What’s with Odubel?!

An underachieving centerfielder gets into a criminal situation with a women in a hotel room. Sounds like Eddie Waitkus. 😳 Sounds like Roy Hobbs 😳…. No it’s Odubel Herrara.

Sad to say the Phillies won’t miss him. Too many players looking for outfield playing time. Did you know WE left Aaron Altherr go to the Mets via waivers?

For all the minor league phenoms Haseley, Quinn, Cozen, Moniak, Randolph and Williams, none may be a major leaguer. But as of now, Odubel Herrara is looking at atleast a 30 Day suspension by MLB. For his sake, his 30 Million is secure. He’ll get paid.

Somewhere in Mike Schmidt Racist Land, the smirks and “it figures” perpetuate the stupid and fearful myths of racism. Let’s face it. You’re all jackasses who perpetuate racial hate. Like 70 some year old Schmidt, you’ll be gone soon. And unfortunately, Herrara may be gone too. Because he’s hitting .222.

The Phillies have wasted money before. Cody Asche, Tommy Joseph, Danny Tartabull come to mind quickly. But that’s baseball. And there’s no place for hitting your girlfriend in baseball. Ask Brett Myers.

Keep it real people. Jackie Robinson broke the color line in 1947. Nuff said shmitty πŸ’©

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