One Post; One Writer; One Flu!

I’M BACK! 20 lbs. Light! And ready to write!

KAWHI! Fagetaboutit! He is great. We came up One Flu short. Embiid at 100% and We WIN in 6. Nuff said.


1) Find Dennis Johnson. Just like the Celtics did to stop Andrew Toney, the Sixers must stop Kawhi. Once he locks in with Toronto, pickup the defensive player to stop him. Josh Cohen. Aaron Gordon.

2) Get a younger JJ. Sign JJ, but he’s in phase out mode.

3) Sign Toby & Jimmy Buckets

4) Sign a “Complete” Backup Center. Embiid is a love child. Need a “heart eater”.

5) Simmons needs a 10 foot Jumper. That’s it.

6) Leadership? Brett Brown until December. Re-evaluate. Doc Rivers… Floor Leader: Jimmy Buckets.

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