Embiid was the goat

Final: Toronto 101-96.

Embiid. Old school goat. He blew it. 3-6 FTs within 6 minutes Of the end of the game, 3 huge turnovers, and out of shape fouls. OOS… Out Of Shape.

Kawhi Leonard was a machine. Albeit he runs out of gas too, especially in the 4th. He carried the Raptors most of the way scoring in the high 30s. His big threes down the stretch were the difference.

As for the Sixers, it’s obvious that this team does not listen to Brett Brown. Regardless, he will be gone next year. It’s Jimmy Buckets’ team. He’s the leader. No symmetry out there today.

By losing today, the Sixers gave up a huge advantage as the games head back to Toronto.

Let’s hope this ship can right itself.


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