116-95! WOW!

Jimmy Lyman said it best! “When he’s hitting threes, Embiid IS unguardable!” JoJo had 33 last night against The Raptors, and it was a blow out in the 4th!

But it wasn’t an easy road to victory. Kawhi Leonard was on fire. He is perhaps the best all around player in the NBA. And he didn’t make it easy for The Sixers last night. But each time Kawhi and The Raptors inched back into the game when the Sixer subs came in to give the starters a rest. The starch came out of Toronto slowly. By the 4th, they were spent. And The Sixers laid into them hard! With a 27-14 4th, Our Sixers blew it wide open!

And as Desean, AI and Zach Ertz partied in The Sixer sideline, Jimmy Buckets/Toby Harris/JJ Reddick and the team made it happen. Scott, Ennis and Monroe came off the bench with fire in their eyes, and made it happen all over the floor.

The Sixer team defense was dominate. Contested shots all game long. The Sixers played Rollie’s “Help Side Man” defense and I swear that I could see Doc “rock-in the baby” when Embiid threw the windmill dunk down. And the Spectrum was shaking off the roof! (which actual happened once 😂)

1-2-3-4-5 SIXERS!



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