Eagles need a Linebacker. Period

There they are. LJ Fort is not Devin Bush or Jordan Hicks. Grugier-Hill and Nigel Bradham are solid OLBs. Behind them is nothing. And that’s why the Birds need to go LB in 2nd Rd.

Here are the best available:

Mack Wilson is the solid MLB that the Eagles need. Jordan Hicks injuries were chronic and a damn shame because the man could play. The rest fill roles, but the lack of solid LBs may force the Eagles into drafting a Hard hitting Safety like Malcolm Jenkins who can step in to play LB position on various downs.

Here are the safeties:

Nostalgia brings us Adderley but brains brings us Chance The Gardner. In truth, any of the five can play right away.

It should be interesting and don’t get bent out of shape if the Eagles pass on WR. Jeffrey, Jackson, Agholor, Ertz can catch ANYTHING! Throw in Hollins and Goeddert, and WE are set.

Plus, a great Vet always gets cut late in camp and will be on their way to Philly if needed.

Stay tuned.

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