Phillies come up small

Nola, Hoskins, no shows…

There’s a fight in the Phils, there’s great talent, and the fans are back! But the Phils are coming up a little short.

Hoskins needs infield practice. Nola needs a bull dog focus and WE aren’t blaming Kapler on this one.

Teams that get very good, very fast sometimes drag in the “bulldog” tenacity needed to smack an entire league around. See Billy Martin or The Big Red Machine. Maybe it’s the times in our lives where fun is more important than winning. Don’t tell that to Yasel Puig who challenged, and may have beaten up the entire “Hurdles” a few days ago.

Tonight WE will see how the Fighting Phils respond. Soft or hard nosed? WE’ll see.

There #1 Bulldog is going to the mound. The glitters off. It’s time to respond and send an early message to the Mets.

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