Brett Brown cuss out; Sixers respond!

HC Brett Brown cussed them out at halftime for about 3-4 minutes according to Toby Harris. Jimmy Butler grinned and said “I love it! I didn’t think he had it in him. It set us straight!”

Boundaries were set. Brett Brown became the Sixers HC last night, and the Sixers responded by drubbing the Nets 145-123 in Game 2 of opening round series at The Wells Fargo Center last night.

Athletes get yelled at by coaches all their lives from biddies to College. When they reach the NBA, young guys and even Vets still need that old school dress down to have their head coach set boundaries and motivate. The Sixers team did just that last night.

It’s basic operant conditioning. Self motivated people don’t need it. Wilt, Bird, Doc, Elvin Hayes… I could go on. But every player needs to respect his coach and implement his game plan and focus.

That happened last night.

1-2-3-4-5! Sixers!

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